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Driven by curiosity, ambition and impatience I could not only get a Master’s degree in Food Science, but win a World Championship title in Long distance triathlon as well.

I am happy to tirelessly swim against the current and not falling for the easiest solution. That makes things not always easy, but often helped me to succeed. Clients and friends like me for being an optimist, creative, open, communicative and goal-oriented.

The passion for cooking, eating and communicating was a gift of my parents. To complete these with my studies at the Federal Institute of Technology and my own experience as an elite athlete made my who I am today.


Master of Food Science ETH Zürich
Thesis in sports nutrition and product development
since 2005
Nutrition consulting
Triathlete & Duathlete (6 years as professional)
World Champion Long distance-Triathlon, Nice
Vice World Champion Long distance Duathlon, Zofingen

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Dani Hofstetter
Master of Food Science
Nutrition consultant
World Champion Long distance-Triathlon

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