Refuelling growth

In order to perform better, we must sort out our nutrition and become more active again. If we take better care of our bodies, we get stronger, healthier and happier.

After all these years I keep finding 3 relevant success factors for growing your performance:

1. Know-how

As a Master of Food Science and former professional triathlete, I developed two important skills: the profound understanding of performance and nutrition, beyond vain marketing claims and pseudoscience on one hand and the capacity to deliver under pressure. Being aware of the multitude of factors influencing the execution of a plan, I give you practical advice and not just fancy concepts on paper.

2. Structure

The best know how can’t do much if it’s not applied in a structured sense. A meticulous plan considering all sorts of load and demand, individual goals and constraints is the foundation for effective action.

3. Consistency

Ambitious goals require a big commitment. Forget the 30-day-challenges – real success is built on lasting change and new winning habits. Many small steps are necessary to cover the way to your goal.


Working with elite athletes of all kind of sports gave me a wealth of experience. Today I use this knowledge for a much broader client base.

Performance Nutrition for high performers and athletes

Optimizing your diet according to your goals, lose weight or build muscles (optional progress assessment with DXA/BIA; resting metabolic rate measurement), boost your performance

Performance Nutrition for companies

Optimizing food offering at work, teach healthy diet to individuals & teams, improve energy levels of the entire company

Consulting for hospitality and food service providers

Improving menus with healthy options, improving value and margin, staying ahead of the curve for trends in nutrition

Learn to shop and cook smart and healthy

Enabling clients to execute daily, what they learnt

Nutrition lectures for companies, sport clubs, schools etc.

Nutrition and food science simply put. 

4 steps to success



In a 1:1 meeting we go through your questions and goals.



I interpret the data gathered together and create an individual concept aiming at your objectives.


Knowledge transfer

Together we go through this concept. My consultancy follows an approach of empowerment. I want you to understand the nuts and bolts of it, beause only this, allows you an autonomous and informed shot at it.



The best nutrition advice often fails when you get caught up in everyday struggles. Only by creating winning habbits from your concept, you can sustainably progress. Therefore I recommend a series of follow up appointments to facilitate the execution of your new reality.

These 4 four steps are a generalized clustering attempt – each person comes from a different background and with an entirely different challenges, therefore we will find your path to success in a personal meeting.

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Dani Hofstetter
Master of Food Science
Nutrition consultant
World Champion Long distance-Triathlon

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